End of 2016 Promotions

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Congratulations to our Coach David Cainas, he has been promoted to Brown belt in BJJ by Master Rob Kahn of Gracie Tampa. This is a big step in Coach David’s athletic career since he treasures Judo and BJJ very highly and are both his passion.

We also want to congratulate Maximus “Prime” Jolly on his BJJ Orange belt promotion and on his promotion to Gracie Tampa Judo’s Team Captain.  Max is a “Prime” example that you can overcome any obstacle in life if you just believe in yourself. Recently he was named as Fight for Autism Ambassador and we can’t be prouder to have such an awesome young man heading our Judo Team.

We also want to congratulate several of our students that have recently been promoted; Logan and Lauren Palacios, Deborah Nahon, Mayabella Toback and Coach Jeff Fleming.



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