Florida Yudanshakai State Championships in Orlando

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Orlando tournament 3

On September 20th 2014 I had the pleasure of coaching 5 extraordinary athletes. More than half of them competed in more than 1 division, including advanced divisions, while only having 10 weeks of training under their belts. They all medaled in every division they fought in and accumulated a total of 5 Golds, 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze at the Florida Yudanshakai State Championships in Orlando. I’m an extremely proud coach. Proud, proud, proud, not because my students won, but because they were listening exactly to what I was saying while they were fighting and fought their hearts out for the medals and not once gave less than 110%. Congratulations to Brian (Bullet) Mas, Damiani Castro, Alejandro (Macho) Mas, Denesio (Lil Jo) Castro and my nephew Danny Cainas Jr. I am proud and honored to be a part of your achievements in this great sport of Judo.

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