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March 2014 was quite a challenge for Sensei David, he participated in the 2014 USA Judo Youth and Scholastic National Championship and came in 5th among 20 of the top elite athletes in the nation.
Sensei David had quite a challenge on his hands, because the only coaches he had training him were his BJJ Coach, Rob Kahn and Muay Thai and Conditioning Coach, Jeff Fleming. He had to work harder than ever imagined because he was also teaching his students at Gracie Tampa Judo and training himself in Judo. Sensei David can not say enough about the students he has either, when he thought he couldn’t keep going they pushed him and showed him he could. A BIG thank you is extended to each and everyone of them for their support.
Big thanks to Coach Cris Midget Twister Rodriguez and to all her “Midget Army” for always supporting Sensei David.
And last but not least to two of great coaches, Sensei John (Yahya Houssni) for his wisdom and advise, and a HUGE thanks to Sensei Danny Rodriguez for taking on the task of coaching Sensei David without hesitation even when he had never seen him compete. It’s not just anyone who takes on a task such as this so, THANK YOU again, Sensei Danny!

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